Undertale: The Megalovania Theme Performed In Front Of A Big World Personality

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The information was shared by columnist and professional player Kayane and it is sure to bring a smile to your face. Megalovania, one of the musical themes of Undertale, was performed during the General Audience of the Holy Father. The Pope was thus able to attend a performance by circus artists and the latter chose the famous music from the game of Toby Fox.

Very rhythmic, Megalovania is a high-energy track that can be heard during the final fight against Sans on the Genocide Route. Originally, the theme, named The Halloween Hack, was to be used as part of the EarthBound hack (directed by Toby Fox). It was then reused in Homestuck under the name MeGaLoVania (contraction between Megalomania and Transylvania) before joining the soundtrack of Undertale. Inspired by the main theme Megalomania of the game Live a Live on Super Famicom (the Super Nintendo here), this music is based on the same structure. Very well known in the gaming community, it was notably taken over by Lisse McGroove in 2016.

One would think that the connection between the Pope and Undertale is shifted. But, in reality, this is not the first time that the Sovereign Pontiff has found himself faced with this game. Indeed, in 2016, a Youtuber had the honor of meeting the Pope and it is customary to bring a gift during this visit. This Youtuber, MatPat, known for his videos on the theme of video games and cinema, brought down… a copy of Undertale. If the Vatican made no comment on the said present, MatPat took the opportunity to explain his gesture:

As gamers, we know who you are, but it’s important to let the world know that this community is more than a hunting game and has tons of levels to climb. Undertale is a pretty impressive representation of who we are as players.

Rather original all that, no?

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