WiFi problem? The solution is on sale at Amazon!


At the price of 187 €, you will be entitled to an eero Pro 6 module to improve your connection in a home up to 190 m².

It supports speeds of up to up to a Gigabit in WiFi 6. The eero system’s TrueMesh technology is used to intelligently direct traffic to prevent network loss in the event of disconnection. This is essential if you want to rely on a flawless connection, for your visios in the context of your work or even during your ranked games.

The eero Pro 6 network is what is called a Tribande network, which means that it can support a multitude of connected devices. Obviously, you will never go as far as the possible connection of 75 devices simultaneously! But who can do the most, can do the least, and you appreciate the possibility of never running out of space on your network, especially when you have guests at home.

The Zigbee connectivity allows you to connect your compatible devices to Alexa if you have one, which is welcome at a time when more and more homes are equipped with the Amazon assistant. The eero module is very compact, which allows it to go rather unnoticed where you want to place it.

WiFi problem?  The solution is on sale at Amazon!

You have a very simple application to connect your devices and configure your connection. the eero Secure also offers an integrated parental control which will allow you to control the access of some of the devices of the house. Very handy if you have children and want to block certain sites to prevent viruses or other nuisances.

In short, we see that Amazon offers us a rather complete solution to optimize its network, but also to take it up a gear with its Alexa compatibility. A discovery offer to seize during these winter sales 2024.

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