Winter Sale 2024: The incredible 4K OLED 48C1 TV is currently on sale!


The C1 range from LG is still a benchmark in the 4K TV screen market. By offering high-end screens, LG remains one of the masters in the field of building 4K screens. Almost undisputed master since the manufacturer has the only factory capable of building these magnificent screens. Like its big sister, the 55C1, the 48C1 television is very popular for what it offers, as well as its price which remains very affordable for this type of screen.

For those who are not familiar with OLED, this technology is the specialty of the manufacturer LG. It makes it possible to obtain an image with infinite contrast and a very great depth of image because the LEDs are not backlit. This means that the black pixels will therefore simply not be lit, thus preventing having grayish blacks or different colors.

Like all other televisions from LG, the 48C1 incorporates many technologies that make it a truly remarkable panel. With its 48 inches, you will have an ultra high definition (UHD) screen at 100Hz which will allow you to enjoy your entertainment and even your next gen games smoothly.

With its a9 Gen4 processor, the TV 48C1 embeds a particularly powerful AI that will be able to use “ upscaling » on all your sources, DVD, Blu-Ray or even on your games. That is to say that it will optimize the image to allow it to be viewed in 4K definition.

webOS is still in the game with its sixth iteration, which still makes it as intuitive and ergonomic as ever. Thanks to it you will be able to access all your applications such as Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Disney+, Apple TV, etc. And this, even thanks to the integrated voice recognition.

The 48C1 has on the connection side 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, 3 USB ports, a 3.5mm jack socket and an optical digital socket. Of course, there is also a connection Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect all your wireless devices.

Take advantage of the sales on this incredible 4K OLED Smart TV with exceptional performance and price of only €999 at Son-Vidé instead of its usual €1,299.

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