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Whether you are from the PS5 team or the Xbox Series X team, everyone is in the same boat. Finding a next gen console is a real pain, and it’s been going on for over a year now.

The reason ? A great shortage of electronic components which more or less affects the entire tech world. If you’re looking for a recent graphics card, you should know this. On top of this shortage, other problems have been added, such as the consequences linked to the pandemic.

Even though the Xbox Series S is fairly easy to find, PS5 and Xbox Series X stocks are extremely tight. Although Microsoft’s machine is a little less popular with us than Sony’s, it’s just as hard to find, to put it mildly. Unfortunately, top market analysts do not expect a return to normal for a very long time.

Update 12/21/2024 at 3:00 p.m. : Xbox Series X Pack available at Cdiscount.

Well, there is no mystery, to get something complicated to own, you have to go with a knife between your teeth. Patience and above all determination are the mothers of success. That being said, it is always good to remember some essential points of method to emerge victorious from the race for the Xbox.

First and foremost, we strongly recommend that you create an account on just about any big ecommerce site. When there are Xbox Series Xs in stock, you don’t have time to enter your payment or shipping information. Once that’s done, keep a close watch on our site. On JV, we always keep you updated live!

There are arrivals of PS5 almost every day. For the Xbox Series X, that’s another matter. If we see it once a week, it’s already huge. In addition to alerts on JV, we advise you to keep a few tabs open. No magic site, where the Xbox is most likely to appear, it is in the most classic online merchants.

Remember that even before having an Xbox, it is still possible to purchase the storage space expansion official, very easy to plug in behind the console. This is a 1TB SSD produced by SanDisk in close collaboration with Microsoft.

When we think of the differences between the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, what we have in mind is above all the games or the design of the machines. There are differences, however, elsewhere, at the very heart of the machines.

At Xbox, the Velocity architecture connects RAM, SSD, and processor for unprecedented computing speed on a home console. 12 teraflops on the clock, an 8-core processor clocked at 3.8 GHz, 16 GB of GDDR6 … in terms of pure hardware, Microsoft’s game console is a real bully.

A custom SSD is integrated into this swift configuration for 1TB internal storage. With 1TB, you have room to stall a lot of titles, even greedy next gen games. With an SSD, loading times are almost reduced to zero. It’s a bit magical.

The console displays games in 4K with no problem and can even go up to 8K for compatible movies and games. But that’s not all ! For the few games for which this will be possible, the Xbox Series X also has enough in its belly to send 120 frames per second, even in 4K. Obviously, this Xbox Series X is looking to the future.

As you can see, Microsoft is betting big on the strike force specific to the gear itself. The controller usable on a PC, the console that looks like a central unit of a gaming PC, etc. The great power of the Xbox and its link with the world of PC gaming is, however, in our opinion, elsewhere.

With the GamePass, Microsoft is going much further than the simple proposition of a more efficient machine. The American company is revolutionizing the video game and software market. After the takeover of many game development studios, GamePass has become an essential service.

True Netflix of video games, GamePass allows you to download tons of games, including the very latest titles from Micosoft, for a monthly subscription at a very fair cost compared to the service offered.

The Xbox Series X is a powerful machine, certainly, but also designed for GamePass: its interface is specifically designed to integrate service at the heart of the user experience.

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