Zelda Breath of the Wild: flying with a hen is possible, here’s how

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Is it possible to fly in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? In a way, yes. We already know: Link can do just about anything in Nintendo’s revolutionary open world, apart from swimming / diving, and therefore flying, a skill he was never quite capable of on his own despite the countless objects he was able to use in 35 years of adventures. A well-used glitch, however, allows you to cross a good part of the map while flying with a hen, and even find several surprising utilities, which we will detail below.

Zelda Breath of the Wild: flying with a hen is possible, here's how

In The Legend of Zelda’s long history, the “casseroles” alone constitute a regularly renewed element of “lore”, and this from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past where Link could attack them. The latest episode of the saga takes up a concept popularized by the mythical The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: if you attack a hen, a horde of its congeners will attack you in retaliation. Breath of the Wild, for its part, stands out and shines once again for the depth of its gameplay, since if an enemy attacks a hen, it is him that the horde will target (cf. “How to fight enemies with chickens? “). Nevertheless, gallinaceans have an astounding property in the Nintendo Switch episode of the series: Link Can Fly With It. A possibility unknown to players for four and a half years, but revealed by a video of SNSKTues on Twitter, which inevitably raised a lot of questions. Indeed, his video suggests that the player can exploit a hen in the same way as the famous parasail given to Link at the end of the Prélude Plateau!

A glitch already seen to reuse …

This will not surprise you: there is obviously a trick behind it all. But if a magician never explains his tricks, every glitch discovered in a video game has its explanation! Because you might have guessed it already, grabbing one of the Breath of the Wild casseroles and carrying it is absolutely no guarantee of flying away with it if you leap into the void while carrying it. No, in truth, we will have to use a glitch that we have already mentioned in the past, namely the “weapon smuggling” (detailed in our tutorial to play Breath of the Wild in FPS view). Here is a summary of the actions to be performed:

Zelda Breath of the Wild: flying with a hen is possible, here's how

If you see your weapon “hovering” above Link, congratulations: you’ve successfully completed the glitch!

You will then see the weapon “float” above Link’s head, which means it works.

… And a new miracle manipulation!

Once the latter is executed, however, you will have a very different manipulation to set up. This will aim to “stick” any object (so not necessarily a casserole dish, but also barrels, rocks, etc.) to Link, and to benefit (or suffer…) from the physical properties of the latter while the hero encumbers it. Here are the new actions to take from there:

You should then be able to lift the desired object with one hand. Equip a one-handed weapon (it doesn’t matter which one) while immediately unequip the shield. If the manipulation worked, you should be able to move around with the item “stuck” to Link without having to wear it normally!

The video of Yukino_san_14 details and shows the complete process in about twenty seconds:

Obviously, the physics engine of Breath of the Wild offering multiple possibilities, it then becomes possible to wear anything and everything, and generate strange or funny situations. If it is therefore possible to approach a precipice by “carrying” a hen, to throw yourself into the void and take advantage of the pressure cooker’s ability to float to “fly with”, this object transport bug can be used in many different circumstances! Many other videos posted on Twitter take advantage of the manipulations we have just detailed. We will give a special mention to that of Smasho_Neko or Link literally pushes an innocent Piaf into the void while carrying a barrel:

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