10 promising Survival-Horrors slated for release in 2024

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Let’s start this journey through hell with Abandoned. This survival horror has been talked about a lot and raised many questions. Is this the successor to the PT (Silent Hills) demo? Is Hideo Kojima behind the project? You will understand, the studio made use of a communication tinged with mysteries instead of showing images of the game. If at the beginning the community was amused by it, it ended up getting bored and Blue Box Game Studios returned to the shadows. As a result, we know little or nothing about this strange production although it is announced for 2024. Therefore, more concrete information should undoubtedly arrive soon.

Abandoned trailer

For latecomers, the Dying Light license began in 2015 and was a real hit. The recipe for success ? Zombies and open world parkour. It is a nervous formula which did not fail to make the reputation of the title. Unsurprisingly, a second opus has therefore been put on track, but this time, the ambitions of the Techland studio are much greater. Indeed, Dying Light 2: Stay Human will introduce a whole new dimension to the initial formula for a more varied experience. In addition, players will have to make important choices that will have a real impact on the adventure.

If you are fond of the famous mixture of thrill and action for several, then Evil Dead: The Game will surely interest you. This Boss Team Games production is directly in line with Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th. Understand by this that we are dealing with a relatively similar asymmetric gameplay. You have the choice between two camps, the survivors or the killer. In the first case, your goal will be to explore the map and find a way to close the gaps that have opened between the dimensions. In the second case, you will play as a demon whose goal will be to massacre the other players until the last one. The small difference with the titles mentioned above lies in the fact that it is possible to play Evil Dead solo.

Evil Dead: The Gameplay

Ghostwire Tokyo is a little different from the other games on the list. This action-adventure game developed by Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within) has a horrific atmosphere, certainly, but its gameplay focuses above all on action. The question of being afraid for your survival is not going to be paramount. Indeed, in a horror game, the protagonist often has limited means of defense to make the threat more intimidating. Here, our hero has magical powers and rather brutal fighting techniques. Thus, the demons inhabiting Tokyo will not be so much the hunters as the prey. The Japanese capital is here the scene of supernatural events responsible for the disappearance of all its inhabitants. You are the only one to have escaped it, even if nightmarish creatures are after you. They all seem to be in the pay of a certain Hannya, the target to be killed in order to hope for a return to normalcy.

Ghostwire Tokyo trailer

Layers of Fear 3 is the new installment of the license created by Bloober Team. As a reminder, this studio specializes in horror games and is known to be behind titles such as Blair Witch and more recently The Medium. For the moment, only a rather short and disturbing cutscene has been revealed. However, the latter shows that this survival horror focuses on a psychological approach, as was the case for previous studio projects. As for the story, this third iteration will once again put us in the shoes of the tortured painter and protagonist of the first title in the series. His ordeal is not about to end.

Layers of Fear VR trailer

Move to MADiSON, a first-person psychological horror game. You play as a character with a camera capable of connecting the world of the living to the hereafter. This object will bring to the experience two very distinct things. At first, it introduces a plethora of puzzles revolving around the concept of revealing clues by taking photographs. Secondly, and this is the most important, the device will be used to instill fear. If we take the example of Outlast, activating the night vision of the camera allows the player to be surprised effectively. For MADiSON, the machine flash will take on this role of executioner with the players.

MADiSON trailer

Continue in psychological horror with Martha is dead. Even if, for the latter, the thriller would rather be the word to use. Its history takes place during the Second World War. The daughter of a German soldier discovers the body of a drowned woman. She will then try to reveal the strange circumstances of his death. Nevertheless, what starts off as a “classic” investigation will turn into a macabre tale associating the real and the supernatural against a background of historical events. As an anecdote, know that LKA is behind this production. This is the studio that developed The Town of Light. We have psychological horror experts there.

Martha is dead trailer

Like Abandoned, Scorn started his communication on the hats of wheel before falling into a total silence. However, what little FPS we saw was enough to hit the mark. For good reason, his universe inspired by the artist HR Giger (Alien) denotes, and constantly puts players uncomfortable through nightmarish environments. The world of Scorn is cold, slimy, and repulsive like the monsters that inhabit it. The caves traversed during the various trailers seem alive while a strange material covers all the walls. You get the idea, nothing welcoming here.

Scorn trailer

The Callisto Protocol is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated survival horror of 2024. This is quite normal, since the former creators of Dead Space are on the project. In addition, in view of the first trailer, it is obvious that we are dealing with a production that follows the main principles of the game previously mentioned. We thus find similar elements such as nightmarish alien creatures as well as an extremely graphic violence. It is not in vain to think that The Callisto Protocol is a spiritual successor to the adventures of Isaac Clark. That being said, no gameplay image has been released by the studio so far. In fact, it is for the moment impossible to know if the proposed game mechanics are close (or not) to those of Dead Space.

The Callisto Protocol trailer

To stay in the horror theme, nothing beats approaching the project Unholy. The player embodies a mother living in the last still populated city of a dying planet. The young woman tries here to find her recently kidnapped child while escaping a tyrannical government which rages in the streets of the city in flames. Our heroine is alone in the world in the face of countless threats that will never stop chasing her. On the gameplay side, the title of Duality Games is presented as an experience with a strong emphasis on infiltration and sprinkled with a slight hint of action.

10 promising Survival-Horrors slated for release in 2024

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