6 PS5 and PS4 games you might have missed in 2024

PS 4

Ode to the third Art and therefore to painting, Chicory: A Colorful Tale invites players to add color in a world that has become monochrome, that of Picnic. This adventure game developed by Greg Lobanov, the artist behind Wandersong released in 2018, seduces with its level design emphasizing exploration and reflection during a journey with certain charms that will know through many Full-bodied puzzles put the sharpest minds to the test.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale Trailer

Chicory: A Colorful Tale trailer

This roundup of the nuggets released in 2024 on PlayStation not to be missed continues with Death’s Door. This colorful epic with inspired visuals takes adventurers to the edge of a universe of a thousand and one surprises. Acid Nerve studios unveil a world full of nuances where exploration gives way to dynamic confrontations of high difficulty. Devolver Digital serves you on a platter on a melancholy journey to the border between life and death. Death’s Door is an exhilarating breath of air that can make you vibrate.

Death’s Door Trailer

Death’s Door trailer

The From Software saga has had a huge impact on the gaming industry. There is clearly a before and an after “Dark Souls”. Eldest Souls, whose only name proves its affiliation with the aforementioned series, is an Action-RPG while pixel art with full-bodied difficulty. Calling it Souls-Like 2D is not in vain. The experience imagined by United Label and Fallen Flag Studio is built on a constant challenge, lively and precise gameplay, epic bosses and remarkable replayability with its New Game Plus.

Eldest Souls Trailer

Eldest Souls trailer

The Chinese video game industry is increasingly present on the international scene. The announcement of Black Myth: Wukong was like a bomb with gamers around the world. In a more industrial register, FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch has convinced the press and the general public thanks to its coherent dieselpunk universe, its neat environments, its charismatic anthropomorphic character and its constantly renewed gameplay. TiGames thus transforms the essay in the most beautiful way.

FIST Trailer: Forged In Shadow Torch

FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch trailer

First-person shooters tend to make skill the main component of their gaming experience. However, Ratloop Games Canada and Frontier Foundry go against this principle, and put tactics at the heart of the gameplay. Lemnis gate offers an atypical vision of FPS, and skillfully mixes armed and turn-based confrontations via a concept of time loops that radically changes the competitive approach. Despite a somewhat generic artistic direction, the singularity of the title alone deserves that fans of the genre linger.

Lemnis Gate Trailer

Lemnis Gate trailer

Devolver Digital has a flair for spotting the right veins, and providing itself with the services of studios as inventive as they are talented, and Olija is another edifying proof of this know-how. This action-platform game developed by Skeleton Crew Studio mixes mythology and Heroic-Fantasy within a universe all in pixel art that will make the players’ nostalgic cord vibrate. With her stunning DA, fun soundtrack, and high-level clashes, Olija draws on the past to offer contemporary adventurers a refreshing adventure.

Olija trailer

Olija trailer

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