AirPods 3 are on sale before sales even start!


Thanks to AirPods, Apple has established itself as a world leader in the market for True Wireless headphones. First, people were skeptical. Then, quickly, everyone realized how good the idea of ​​cutting the earphone wires was.

The great strength of the product lies in its ease of use on a daily basis, especially for iPhone owners.

A stable and almost instantaneous connection, sound quality worthy of Apple, an excellent microphone, simple controls accessible with a tap of a finger … as usual with the Apple brand, this product is particularly intuitive .

Compared to AirPods 2, the shape of the product and especially the sound quality have been revised upwards. We will mainly remember the taking into account of the spatialization of the sound, really bluuffing when you couple it to the gyroscope.

The AirPods 3 have more or less always been stable at their release price: 199 €. Today, we spotted an interesting little promo on Rakuten, with a very reliable reseller: 20 € off! It may not seem like much, but on an Apple product, especially so recent, having 10% off is already a great deal.

AirPods 3 are on sale before sales even start!

The problem with the most avid AirPods detractors is that they take this product for what it isn’t. For example, it’s strange to blame AirPods for the fact that they don’t have active as well as passive noise canceling. This is the job of AirPods Pro.

The purpose of AirPods is to be almost invisible, that they are even forgotten. So you will have headphones that do not cut you off from the outside world. People can talk to you, cars at the crosswalk can be heard. That being said, it is obvious that with music in your ears, you will by definition be in a small bubble.

It’s also not fair to say that AirPods don’t have ultra high definition audio, calibrated for the finest ears and audiophiles. AirPods are excellent headphones for the general public, a general public often unable to clearly differentiate between the sound quality of good headphones (like AirPods) and very good headphones (like other models twice as expensive) .

Concretely, this is what AirPods 3 have in store for you:

As we have said, the strength of AirPods lies in their ease of day-to-day use and versatility.

We tested them completely independently at the editorial office, and we gave the AirPods 3 an overall rating of 4/5. Here is the conclusion of the test:

The opinion of
No risk taking on the part of Apple which makes these AirPods 3 a mix between AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. From the first we find the open design, not very intrusive for our ears, from the second we gain some features such as spatial sound or sweat resistance. In the end, with a solid sound reproduction and controlled functions, especially in an Apple environment, these Airpods 3 find their place perfectly. There remains the question of the comfort and the particularity of the ears of each one, forcing as often the future buyer to give it a try so as not to be disappointed by this new format.

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