Batgirl: Actress Leslie Grace reveals the superheroine’s costume for the HBO Max film


In the months and years to come, HBO Max (whose catalog is currently distributed in France on OCS) is preparing to hit hard with fans of the DC universe. In addition to a new version of Green Lantern, the group foresees the arrival of Peacemaker, a series derived from Batman, as well as a project revolving around the Justice League Dark. And around that, there will be this film about the origin of the famous Batgirl.

Actress Leslie Grace has just shared the first-ever photo of herself in the feline heroine costume. She also enjoyed a famous tirade from the Batgirl comics, Year One:

When they let their guard down, and they show off, I’ll kick their ass. »

The superheroine is not here for fun, even if the atmosphere of the film should move away from the very dark tone of a Batman. If Batgirl is subject to all speculation at the moment, it is also because it is produced by a Belgian duo who are on the rise in Hollywood. In addition, the character signs a return to the screens after 25 years of absence. His last real appearance dates back to 1997 in Batman & Robin and it is an understatement to say that the feature film will be expected at the turn.

Batgirl: Actress Leslie Grace reveals the superheroine's costume for the HBO Max film

In the role of Barbara Gordon, Leslie Grace carries on her shoulders the expectation of millions of fans. Some may be surprised by the very modern look (blue leather suit and very conspicuous badge), but it is a choice totally assumed by the film crew. It even takes it a step further as it would appear that the original script was altered to ensure that the commissioner was aware of his daughter’s activities.

Finally, know that the American press has confirmed the return of Michael Keaton in the role of Batman, just like that of JK Simmons for Commissioner Gordon. Brendan Fraser, meanwhile, will play the big bad, Firefly.

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