GTA 5 Online: how to defy the laws of physics with a simple scooter?

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GTA 5 Online: how to defy the laws of physics with a simple scooter?

Released in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer is still popular with fans., and remains one of the most viewed games on Twitch in 2024 with over 2 billion hours of viewing time. Especially since the release of the scripted extension The Contract caused quite a stir in the community since it signs the arrival of the illustrious Dr. Dre to the casting, the return of an emblematic character of the game, and it finally allows follow up to the Grand Theft Auto V single-player campaign.

While the free extension is more than welcome, GTA Online players don’t need additional content to have fun. Between custom servers that replicate the activities of the popular Squid Game series, and mods that allow Mortal Kombat characters to be added to the game, the community doesn’t have time to be bored. Well, that’s what the editorial staff thought until they stumbled upon the exploits of a Reddit user who achieved the unthinkable with a Faggio scooter …

GTA 5 Online: how to defy the laws of physics with a simple scooter?

Everyone knows that the laws of physics are far from being respected in GTA Online, but so far, we had no idea how much. This is the Reddit user Accomplished_Mix_475 who had the idea to test them from Mount Chiliad. The vehicle he has chosen to carry out his experiment is, against all expectations, the Faggio scooter, which is not exactly the most suitable for high aerobatic stunts.

The goal of Accomplished_Mix_475 was to from Mount Chiliad to land on the roof of Maze Bank in the heart of Los Santos, or browse the map from top to bottom in a single jump. An already ambitious challenge further enhanced by the player’s choice of vehicle, which nevertheless succeeded in the impossible as you can see in the following video:

Note that Accomplished_Mix_475 made this jump on a solo server, which would probably not have been possible on a multiplayer server due to the heavy player traffic. He announced that he wanted to repeat the experience with the subjective camera, so keep an eye out if you are interested in the result!

And you, have you ever tried stunts like this in GTA Online? What was your most impressive jump? Tell us all in the comments!

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