Belkin QI-certified wireless chargers are on sale for Christmas

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More and more devices, whether smartphones, connected watches or even Bluetooth headphones, are highlighting their compatibility with wireless charging, or induction charging, without this really still unleashing the crowds for the moment.

The first reason is simple, wireless chargers usually don’t come with the devices you buy. And since the practice is still quite confidential, it seems more of a gadget than anything else. The second reason is more technical, without clear information from the manufacturers, people are a little confused and do not know what to buy.

Belkin, the world’s leading manufacturer of smartphone accessories, offers inductive chargers compatible with all “QI” certified devices currently on sale at Amazon starting at € 22.99.

The concept of wireless charging is however simple and clearly represents the future, you just have to put your device on the surface and it charges… Quite simply.

No more plugging in / unplugging and risking pulling out the USB-C port of your smartphone. No need to retrieve the wire lying on the floor. You put the charger on your desk or nightstand, you put the objects on it and … it charges. It may seem childish seen like that, but in the office for example, you put your laptop on its support, you forget it and it is constantly charged.

Generally two formats are opposed, the flat roller, practical and discreet, or the support with feet, to put his phone vertically, in portrait mode. At Belkin you have the choice between the two options, the first, the Stand, will allow you to put your smartphone in portrait or landscape mode to continue using it while charging. The second, the Dual Pad, will simply offer the possibility of charging two devices simultaneously.

Compatible with all QI certified devices like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus 9, etc etc, Belkin induction chargers are supplied with cable and 10W charger. It is certainly not as fast as a wired charge but the idea here is to leave it connected to the charger all day or all night without worrying about it.

For the moment, this is the only downside of wireless charging, this slowness of charging, even if OnePlus has just released a 50W wireless charger reserved however for its OnePlus 9 Pro.

Normally offered between € 34.99 and € 49.99, Belkin induction chargers are currently on sale at Amazon from € 22.99.

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