Connected speaker: Google Nest loses 20% for sales!


The new Google Nest Audio elegantly arrives in the connected audio speaker market to succeed the old Google Home which was recently abandoned by the American company.

Google is betting on offering a much better quality with 75% louder sound and 50% more powerful bass than its predecessor. All in a product available at a more than reasonable price for the sales.

Among the speakers, the Google Nest Audio has a 75mm woofer and a 19mm tweeter. It also contains three microphones for a greater range of voice commands and a button to mute the microphone. Plus, its equalizer promises to perfectly match the content you’re listening to.

Buy Google Nest Audio for € 79 at Darty

The minimalist design in white of this Google Nest Audio seduces with its beautiful finishes. With a weight of 1.2 kg and dimensions of 124 mm by 175 mm and 78 mm, this speaker allows for easy transport. In addition, it is made of 78% recycled plastic!

Compatible with Android and iOS, it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection and can be used to make voice calls. With a simple “Ok Google”, you can launch all your music and listen to them in clear sound capable of filling the whole room. You can also take advantage of the virtual assistant to control the weather forecast, consult your diary, news or sports results.

On the front you will find the four LEDs typical of Google products and on the side it is possible to control the volume with a touch control. On the back, a physical button turns the microphone on and off.

Powered by the 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53 processor, the Google Nest Audio is able to adjust the sound according to the environment. You can play the same music on other Google Nests with a simple voice command or even pair two identical units and get stereo sound.

Buy Google Nest Audio for € 79 at Darty

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