Discount on Samsung T5 external SSD for sales!


As the perfect alternative between a heavy external hard drive and a simple USB key, the Samsung Portable SSD T5 has a small size of 51 g and 2.5 inches allowing it to be easily transported. In the event of a fall, its ergonomic and solid design allows it to be less exposed to the risk of data loss.

This SSD comes with two USB 3.1 C and A cables as well as a quick start guide. This standard provides the T5 with an optimal data transfer rate. Connected to your device, you can benefit from the protection of exFAT file security software with your Windows, Mac or Android operating system.

From your smartphone, computer or tablet, you can transfer all your data quickly thanks to its transfer speed of 540 MB/s.

In addition to being made up of advanced encryption technologies, this Samsung Portable SSD T5 hard drive boasts a storage capacity of 1000 GB which more than justifies its price.

With this hard drive, Samsung makes it a point of honor to ensure consumer safety. By enabling password protection, you will be required to enter a password and click the “UNLOCK” button each time you connect your T5 to your computer, before you can access your saved data. Write down your password on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place!

Plus, LED lights reflect hard drive status and activate blinking blue light while reading your data.

Take advantage of the sales to get this Samsung SSD T5 hard drive at the exclusive price of €119 at Darty, guaranteeing you never to run out of space again to save your digital data.

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