Sales: Bring color back to your interior with this connected Philips luminaire at a low price!


Thanks to this luminaire, you can add an atmospheric color to your apartment or your house in the room of your choice! A dimmed light before a romantic evening with your other half, a green shade to welcome the return of sunny days or a more flashy shade for an evening with the children, anything goes! Just connect it to your smartphone or link it to your voice assistants so that everything becomes easily controllable!

Undisputed leader in the market for high-tech lighting and connected bulbs, Philips offers the best with the HW&CA Resonate! With its 16 million colors, it allows you to modify your environment in seconds! Whether you are a fan of cold or warm light, it will accompany you in your daily life thanks to its panel of functions: intelligent control (via the smartphone), voice control (via assistants such as Google Home, Alexa, etc.), dimming of lights simplified and even timer settings, the Resonate luminaire gives you a glimpse of the future!

Thanks to this type of device, your daily life changes in real time! The Philips application is compatible with all smartphones and is very successful thanks to its large choice of colors and its brightness management. IThere is no longer any need to change bulbs to bring a colorful atmosphere, home automation makes life more practical and you will be amazed when you see your light react to your voice. Moreover, at a time when energy savings have become essential, the Philips Resonate luminaire is part of this trend. LED bulbs are indeed much less energy consuming!

With its elegant shape, the Philips luminaire also has a particularity that standard LED bulbs do not have. It can indeed create an upward and downward triangular beam on your wall for an even more personalized style. No doubt, with this device you can be sure that your daily life will not have the same flavor. So, if you want to take advantage of the 20% discount offered by Boulanger, now is the time to go for it!

Normally available at a price of 139 euros, the HW&CA Resonate luminaire is currently on sale at 111 euros at Boulanger.

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