E3 2024 could be totally canceled, the news!


Without being dazzling, this return from E3 was rather well received, the formula just waiting to be refined to fully integrate with new consumption patterns. ESA, the association organizing the event, had however considered a partial return to physical format in 2024.

Finally, a good week ago, ESA has announced that the 2024 edition will take place entirely in digital format, perhaps scalded by the strong criticism addressed to the CES, which made its return to physical format but faced numerous cancellations. The organization also stated that with regard to health risks and their impact on exhibitors, it was preferable to cancel the physical organization to turn to a totally dematerialized format. The ESA indicated to be “incredibly excited about the future of E3”, and “Looking forward to announcing more details soon.”

At this time, the details of the organization are not known, and, according to Jeff Grubb, there would be a good reason for this. Indeed, the journalist indicates that, according to the information at his disposal, the ESA would “probably” prepare to announce the outright cancellation of the 2024 edition. In question ? The strong competition created by the various events which take place over the same period like the Summer Game Fest, and the desire of publishers to develop their own communication formats.

We think in particular of Ubisoft Forward, Nintendo Direct, PlayStation Showcase or EA Play Live. Jeff Grubb also indicates that the organization of the event would be a real ordeal, evoking a “grand bazaar”. A situation which could therefore lead to an announcement of the cancellation of E3. However, ESA hasn’t formalized anything yet, so let’s be careful, even if such an announcement would not be so surprising after all.

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