Fortnite, Chapter 3, the new trees: how to move at the speed of light on water?

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As we have just said, these new trees, they have made a strong impression since the launch of this season of Fortnite. Indeed, now, trees are no longer necessarily destroyed immediately, but they leave a trunk that you will be able to use.

Indeed, by hitting it, you will be able to quickly make it gain speed, which was immediately understood by the players. who used it to send them to enemy structures in order to destroy them easily and quickly:

But on the trailer for this season, we also saw that the trees, once felled, floated on the water. It is in fact this point that will interest us in this article. with the discovery of HaYouGotReckTed on Reddit.

Indeed, not only did he understand that these new trees float on the water, but in addition to that, he also found a way to move extremely quickly thanks to them. The first step is to bring the trunk into the water and jump on it.

Once that is done, you might just go with the flow, if you are in a river, but here, we will rather advise you to hit the water with your pickaxe next to the trunk. You will then see that this propels it very quickly on the water:

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