AirPods 2 drop at an exceptional price for Christmas!

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When the AirPods 2 launched, many people were quite skeptical of the value of a pair of True Wireless headphones. Some people even laughed when they saw the white stems sticking out of their friends’ ears.

Today, almost everyone has understood how great the AirPods are. Every consumer has become an ambassador. The great strength of the product lies in its ease of use on a daily basis, especially for iPhone owners.

A stable and almost instantaneous connection, sound quality worthy of Apple, an excellent microphone, simple controls accessible with a tap of a finger … as usual with the Apple brand, this product is particularly intuitive .

With the recent release of AirPods 3, the model released in 2019 saw its price drop a little (from € 170 at launch to around € 150). Today, Cdiscount is further lowering the price for a limited period. Apple’s Bluetooth headphones are therefore only € 119.

Let’s take a quick tour of what awaits AirPods owners.

Yes, AirPods are practical and qualitative in every way. But don’t ask them to do what they weren’t designed to do. For example, AirPods 2 do not have active or passive noise reduction (you need AirPods Pro for this). You will have your headphones in your ears while hearing people talking to you or cars approaching the crosswalk. Some people prefer not to be cut off from the world, others want to isolate themselves. It’s for you to see.

Second, the AirPods 2 are not thought to be very high-end headphones but the perfect headphones for the general public, often unable to clearly differentiate between the sound quality of good headphones (like AirPods) and very good headphones (like other models 2 times more expensive). Do not make us say what we do not say: the sound is very good, precise, ample and clear, especially at the midrange. We just want to remind you that the purpose of the product is not to replace audiophile headphones.

As we have said, the strength of AirPods lies in their ease of day-to-day use and versatility. They almost manage to be forgotten.

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