Game Awards 2024: Everything you need to know about Sonic (movie and game)

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The swift blue hedgehog started a real love story with gamers when it was released one fine morning in 1991 on SEGA’s Mega Drive consoles. Propelled to the rank of icon, Sonic made the heyday of the Japanese firm and he sometimes got lost along the way, for want of doing things too quickly, he seems to be taking the path of a well-deserved rebirth!

Very recently, the mascot of SEGA resurrected one of its classics released on Wii and DS, namely Sonic colors, in a version Ultimate for old and new generation consoles. Better yet, the colorful mammal has been invited to a whole bunch of other productions linking crossovers as it does speeding! To top it off, SEGA did not want to stop there and decided to put its foal back on the rails of success with a new film, which we have already heard about on several occasions, and a new game which was the subject of many rumors! It was therefore necessary to wait until the night of Thursday to Friday, that of the Game Awards, to see Sonic and his band shine with a thousand lights.

After having hit the mark in 2024 by releasing one of the best video game adaptations in cinemas, which also earned him the best start for an adaptation of this genre, Sonic was not going to stop his run in the hearts of spectators. Admittedly, the adventure of Sonic seemed to start on very unstable bases when one remembers the mockery when the design of the hedgehog was revealed to the general public, but the Paramount quickly corrected the shooting to offer a rather entertaining first introductory part!

Game Awards 2024: Everything you need to know about Sonic (movie and game)Game Awards 2024: Everything you need to know about Sonic (movie and game)

Galvanized by this success, the mascot of SEGA took to the game of the cameras but, this time, he will not be alone as proved by the trailer released last night at the Game Awards! The opportunity to discover the pretty face of Tails and the bad-ass attitude of the famous red and white echidna Knuckles! A trailer to find elsewhere here, before the film’s release on April 6, 2024.

Since the time that we hear noises from the halls around this famous open-world Sonic game, we had to wait until the Game Awards 2024 to discover more! After the famous franchise to which he is compared – rightly or wrongly, we let you be the judge – it’s Sonic’s turn to get into open world fashion and it’s not just the well-known plan of Link discovering the countries spread out before his eyes that SEGA wanted to ape.

Game Awards 2024: Everything you need to know about Sonic (movie and game)Game Awards 2024: Everything you need to know about Sonic (movie and game)

Indeed, Breath of the Wild sublimates certain well-known elements of video games and it seems natural that certain productions, like this Sonic frontiers, try to adapt them to their franchises as well. In addition to immense green plains, rocky and steep areas or ancient ruins, the extract unveiled last night tells us that large observation towers will also be part of the game.

Once Sonic has taken cognizance of what surrounds him, he will be able to run wildly wherever he sees fit, guided by a mysterious voice in his head. If the borrowings from the last juggernaut of The Legend of Zelda saga seem substantial, we can bet that Team Sonic and the game still have some under their belt to show originality!

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