Kindle Paperwhite: The world’s most popular e-reader is at a crazy price for sales!


In recent years, Kindle has offered genuine innovation and a practical and enjoyable experience to avid readers.

You will be delighted to discover the new Kindle Paperwhite, which has a screen of 6.8 inch with thin edges, larger than those of previous generation models and bringing new features. In total, this new screen will have a pixel density of 300 PPI, allowing the user to use it with traditional lighting but also with temperature control.

For eco-friendly, know that this device has been designed with 60% recycled plastics and has several advanced features to improve users’ reading. Among them, light sensors with automatic adjustment, as well as other novelties such as wireless charging, which will be sold with a charger in a kit made available by Amazon.

Among its best features is a speed 20% faster to turn the pages. In addition, you will have the option of setting the anti-glare screen to warm light, now allowing your book to be read with pages in white or amber tones, offering even more comfort for your eyes.

On the storage side, this Paperwhite model will come with a total of 8 GB internal space to store up to approximately 6,000 500-page novels and read them wherever you are. With the Kindle subscription, you will have access to millions of unreleased titles thanks to an incredible catalog!

Also benefit from a range of up to 10 weeks with a single battery charge via USB-C. This e-reader is also water resistant (IPX8) for attentive reading on the beach and by the pool in peace. In the event of a fall in the water, no fear, its design can withstand accidental immersion.

As a gift or for personal use, be sure that this new Kindle Paperwhite will satisfy all your desires. And with an exclusive discount from Amazon, don’t break your wallet by buying it for only 104 €!

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