Huawei makes a comeback with the 10.4-inch MatePad tablet in promotion

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Before going any further in this good plan, let’s quickly come back to the conflict between Huawei and the United States and which deprives the Chinese brand of the famous Google services that we have become so accustomed to using on a daily basis.

To put it simply, in May 2019, Donald Trump, then President of the United States, suspected the Chinese brand of spying on behalf of Beijing and decided to prohibit American companies from collaborating in any way with Huawei. This therefore applies to Qualcomm, which supplies chips for smartphones, but also, and above all, to Google, which supplies Android on the one hand, but also a whole bunch of applications like Gmail, Maps, and of course the Google Play Store.

The blow was severe and the Chinese brand, then the world leader in telephony, gradually disappeared from the landscape. After having sold its subsidiary Honor so that it can continue to manufacture smartphones equipped with Android, Huawei is gradually recovering and therefore offers a whole ecosystem based on its own applications and its own store.

This is how Huawei, which outrageously dominated the telephony market, gave way to Xiaomi, which is now experiencing limitless growth. On the tablet market it is a little different, on the one hand because there are much less volumes, on the other hand because there are fewer players. And as we said, the market is practically cut in half between Apple and Samsung. However, some brands, such as Lenovo or Huawei have not said their last word.

The MatePad 10.4 is therefore a tablet, which, as its name suggests, embeds a very nice 10.4 inch IPS display. It is equipped with a Kirin 820 processor supported by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, to which you can associate a Micro SD card to increase the capacity up to an additional 512 GB if needed.

The sound system is provided by the famous brand Harman Kardon and includes no less than 4 speakers with 3D sound. Finally, autonomy level, thanks to its generous 7250 mAh battery, you can watch up to 12 hours of films or series.

Let’s say it right away, if you swear by Google, you might be a little confused at first. The absence of the Play Store, Chrome, Gmail or Google Maps in the form of an application can be disruptive, but is in no way prohibitive.

First of all, the OS EMUI 10.1 integrates its own Huawei Store with most of the applications that we are used to using and regarding access to your emails for example, you can always consult them directly. on the live site via the integrated browser. Clearly, if on a smartphone it seems unwise to use a device without Google service, as much on a tablet this is no problem.

Regularly priced at € 319.99, the Huaweii MatePad 10.4 tablet is currently on sale at Amazon at only € 219.99.

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