Japanese voted best game ever, top 100 revealed

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Originally available on Gamestalk, this ranking was produced by the Japanese television channel Asahi. Via a poll, she asked viewers for their all-time favorite game and then ranked it with the responses. More than 50,000 Japanese, or 0.03% of the population, took part in this survey.. If it is unnecessary to specify that it is obviously games mainly from Japanese studios that make up this ranking, it is good to underline that there is no question here as many console games.

Top 100 Japanese Favorite Games

If we can not share the same opinion as the Japanese players on the first place achieved by Breath of the Wild, it is legitimate to see him arrive at such a position … Just like Dark Souls, which was the subject to a similar award. Earlier this year, the 2024 edition of Golden Joystick Awards took place. Like Game Awards by Geoff Keighley, it awards prizes to many players in the video game industry. And, surprise, this year was the reward of Best game ever. A prize that was therefore granted to Dark Souls.

In addition, the end of the year 2024 also saw the blooming of many debates around the most anticipated game 2024. Among them, we find Horizon: Forbidden West. But there is also Elden Ring and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, heralding a new indirect duel between Nintendo and From Software to be voted best game of the year … or of all time?

Source : Gamestalk, relayed by Kotaku

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