Microsoft is revolutionizing video games: the top Xbox offers


The Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s asset card, the Netflix of video games. Clearly, as long as you subscribe you have access to a list of titles, to download and play locally, including the latest games from Microsoft’s First Party studios.

Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, wind to announce it: there are now 25 million people subscribed to Xbox GamePass. It’s huge, and it’s not ready to stop.

Indeed, with Activision in its purse, Microsoft could well slip into its subscription a ton of new ultra popular licenses in the future: Sekiro, Crash Bandicoot, Tony Hawk, and of course Call of Duty. And that’s not counting the Blizzard franchises: World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Diablo and Starcraft.

It’s unclear if this huge buyout will impact the price of Xbox GamePass. In the meantime, the price remains fixed at around 10€ per month on PC as well as on consoles, and you can set aside subscription codes now by buying them on Amazon.

Microsoft is revolutionizing video games: the top Xbox offers

As you surely know, the world of high tech’ has been cashing in on a serious shortage of components for a long time, and the health crisis has not helped this tense situation. The PS5 and Xbox Series X, released over a year ago, are almost permanently out of stock and any restocking only lasts a few minutes.

This being said, know that there is a next gen console whose stocks are holding up: the Xbox Series S. With the thunderclap that this takeover represents, we can only hope to see this situation last for the Microsoft console. .

With its price of €299 on Amazon, the Series S is a more accessible console than its big sister the Series X and its approximately €500. Even if you can play without constraint the entire next gen catalog of Xbox on the Serie S, you cannot have access to 4K with this model. This is THE big difference that justifies the €200 difference between the two consoles.

Microsoft is revolutionizing video games: the top Xbox offers

Keep an eye on all the leaders in online sales

There’s no secret when a product is extremely sought after and supply is struggling to keep up with demand: don’t give up and be ready to draw the credit card at any time. It’s a marathon, only the most enduring people will eventually reach the finish.

Restockings are rare but we see them almost every month. With a little determination, speed, and luck (you have to admit it), it will eventually pass. Be careful, stocks never last more than a few minutes.

Microsoft is revolutionizing video games: the top Xbox offers

Xbox Series X is available now… but in a big bundle

Some merchants have found the trick to keep stocks as long as possible: offer the Xbox Series X in large packs. The console is therefore currently in stock at Micromania!

The idea is to sell you all at once a flagship game of the console (here it’s Call of Duty Vanguard or FIFA 22), an official headset, and above all… a 4K TV adapted to the next gen ! If you needed to change your TV, this is a great opportunity.

We particularly recommend packs containing LG’s 4K OLED TV. it is a great reference, one of the best models on the television market, whether for film or video game lovers. You can trust us on that.

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