Moon Knight: Between mummy, powers and nightmares, the Disney + series dated


For the past few days, Disney and Marvel have intensified the teasing around the series, finally giving us an appointment on Monday January 17 for the first trailer. A long-awaited trailer, which allowed us to finally discover the release date of the series, which will of course be found on Disney +.

Moon Knight: Between mummy, powers and nightmares, the Disney + series dated

Moonknight, born in 1975 in the comics, is part of this generation of Marvel superheroes quite inspired by the Batman universe, while including fantastic elements. As you can see in the video, Marc Spector / Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac (Poe in Star Wars), is this time a slightly disturbed and exhausted employee of the British Museum. Working in the Department of Egyptology, he is regularly victime from nightmares and sleepwalking attacks, to the point of having to attach oneself when sleeping so as not to find themselves in perilous situations.

But where do these crises and these memories seem to come from another life come from? In the universe of Moon Knight, Marc Spector seems related to Khonsu, Egyptian god of the Moon and revenge, who takes on the appearance of a mummy in the character’s visions and nightmares. He will eventually come to terms with the truth, however, and embrace his dual identity to transform into Moon Knight at night in order to confront crime and Arthur Arrow, played by Ethan Hawke. Moreover, the trailer is once again an opportunity to see character costume, which features glowing eyes, a hood, and made of strips.

Very concretely, Moon Knight is one of the darkest characters of the Marvel universe, dealing mental exhaustion, multiple personalities, and revenge. Note that, contrary to the original representation, the character is no longer a billionaire, a way for Disney and Marvel to get away from Batman. This is what the series will try to transcribe, written by Jeremy Slater (The Umbrella Academy), made of six episodes, and which will be discovered from March 30, 2024 on Disney +. Then, subscribers will be entitled to one episode per week. The start of a season 2 has not been announced, but there will be plenty to do in 2024 on the SVOD platform, since we expect, for the MCU, she hulk, Secret Invasion or Ms Marvel.

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