The lowest-cost Apple accessory is half the price

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We say it right away, the Magic Keyboard is not a big mechanical keyboard that shines light intended for die-hard gamers. Rather, it is a discreet and refined product designed for fans of the apple brand.

As always with Apple, the great strength of the product lies above all in its ease of use and its perfect integration into the famous eco-system. The Magic Keyboard can be used with remarkable ease on all of the brand’s products, even an iPhone. We will give you more features later.

Just before the end of the year holidays, a really strong promo comes to blast the price of Apple’s wireless keyboard. Usually offered at € 99.99, the machine goes to € 49.99 at Boulanger. Yes yes, we are on a reduction of -50%. Something extremely rare on Apple products, known for their high and stable prices.

The Magic Keyboard adapts to many situations. Obviously, it is to use it with a fixed Mac, but it would be stupid to reduce the use so much. You can also plug a large screen into a MacBook and use the laptop as a small tower / 2nd screen. There you are going to need a keyboard. Boom, Magic KeyBoard. Finally, you may want to turn your iPad or even your iPhone into a small laptop PC. Boom, Magic Keyboard.

The name “Magic” is a marketting term that has a purpose: to make you understand how different this keyboard is for a low-end model. In particular thanks to the comfort of the keys and the simplicity of the Bluetooth connection.

Like all Apple products, the Magic Keyboard exudes premium, we see that the object is particularly well finished. Its weight may surprise you: 230 grams. Extremely thin, it combines lightness and ease of use with performance, as often with Apple.

Under the keys you will find a scissor mechanism extremely stable and pleasant. This mechanism has recently been further improved to correct the problem that the old versions could suffer from: keys that get stuck when a small crumb manages to slip underneath.

Who says wireless keyboard also says drums. With that of the Magic Keyboard, you will be quiet for… a good month. You read correctly.

Usually a little expensive, we can imagine, this pretty model becomes frankly accessible. A nice Christmas present in perspective, right?

The lowest-cost Apple accessory is half the priceThe lowest-cost Apple accessory is half the priceThe lowest-cost Apple accessory is half the priceThe lowest-cost Apple accessory is half the price

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