The superb Huawei GT2 connected watch is at a knockdown price during the sales!


Connected watches are an opportunity to have a fairly huge number of functions on your wrist, all connected to your smartphone which can take full advantage of them. One of the main problems then is to find one that suits you and that is at a suitable price. And it is often on this last point that the shoe pinches, because these concentrates of technology are often quite expensive.

For the 2024 winter sales, Darty is reducing the price of the Huawei GT2 from €249.99 to €149.99, i.e. €100 in savings. Little icing on the cake, you will have with this purchase 4 months of subscriptions offered at Deezer. Released in September 2019 in France, it is still relevant and will fulfill its function without any problem! Its 42mm sport version is available for €119.99 instead of €199.99.

Equipped with many sensors, it will be very interesting for athletes who can use it as easily indoors as outdoors. It is even possible to use it under water, because it is certified waterproof 5 ATM, so about 50m. Perfect for everything except diving. We have access to a GPS, a cardio frequency meter, accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor and a lot of other modules for precise and real-time monitoring.

The classic GT2 46mm version has a really insane 14 days of “standard use” battery life. With its tactile OLED panel, we have good readability in all circumstances. It also supports Bluetooth calls, notifications and will even allow you to track your sleep via TruSleepTM 2.0 or your stress level via TruRelaxTM on Android. Note that it can also be used on Apple smartphones even if you will also have to do without its audio player functionality.

For the GT2 42mm Sport version, we go to 7 days of autonomy, which is more than enough for classic use. You also have to ignore Bluetooth calls. But clearly it’s not the end of the world for this version which is much more oriented on the sport side.

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