New PS5 DualSense controller Nova Pink opens for pre-orders

PS 5

While we still believed them at war against the manufacturers of cases who dare to offer customization options to the PS5 all dressed in white, Sony surprised everyone by announcing a few days ago the arrival of three new colors of controllers, in pink, blue and purple, or rather Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple. Which, with the Midnight Black, Cosmic Red and “Classic White”, brings the number of different official colors to 6.

The announcement of the controllers did not come alone, since at the same time, Sony announced the upcoming release of 5 sets of shells to match the controllers. A welcome initiative that we thought was definitely buried by Sony. On the other hand for the latter it will be necessary to wait, only the blue and pink controllers are for the moment in pre-order, at the third resellers, the violet, the Galactic Purple, will be sold in the first place exclusively on the PlayStation site.

While the original white controller sells for € 69.99, the colored versions of the controllers sell for a bit more, at € 74.99.

Each generation has the same catchphrase, “it’s the best Nintendo, no it’s Microsoft, no I prefer the Sony” … And frankly, each time, the three manufacturers offer us quality products. After wringing the concept of DualShock from the PlayStation to the PS4 up, down and across, Sony decided to invest heavily in the innovation of a new controller and that’s how the DualShock 5 finally became. the DualSense.

If it keeps the original DNA of Sony controllers, especially with the two analog sticks aligned while its competitors systematically shift them, the DualSense has many new assets and in particular two that will certainly mark their era.

The first concerns adaptive strikes. You thus benefit from different levels of force and tension when you interact with your equipment and the environments of the game. The second, the famous haptic feedback, allows to benefit from a tactile feedback during certain actions in the games which take it in. charged.

If you want to add some color to your gaming space, you can pre-order the DualSense Nova Pink controller for € 74.99 from Amazon. Delivery is scheduled from January 14, 2024.

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