Nexus Tournament 2024 Mastercard: relive the best moments of the competition!


Since 2019, Mastercard, a global payment technology pioneer and official partner of the League of Legends European Championship, has hosted the Mastercard Nexus Tournament every year. An exceptional competition whose primary objective is to revealing the next generation of League of Legends Esport talent.

On December 17, the third edition of the tournament just ended, in which no less than 148 amateur teams took part. After thrilling encounters, the Grand Final of the Mastercard Nexus Tournament 2024 saw each other face off the Free Pathou team to the smoky Kermit players. An event broadcast live on LeStream and commented by a starred cast: Chap, Marex, Trayton, Xari but also Kameto.

Despite a high level on both sides of Summoner’s Rift, The smoky Kermit team was finally crowned champion of the 2024 Nexus Tournament Mastercard, all in front of more than 10,000 simultaneous spectators (1st Twitch Stream in France). By succeeding the Y’a tout team, winner of the 2024 edition, the players of Kermit smoked will have the chance attend the 2024 Spring Split final and perform on the LEC stage*.

Find all the results of the tournament on the official website of the Mastercard Nexus Tournament

With over 2000 participants in 3 years, the Nexus Tournament Mastercard has become a major League of Legends Esport event, attended by thousands of people. An unmissable event in the French competitive scene that Mastercard intends to continue in 2024!

* The experience will only take place if the regulations set by the French government, the German government, Mastercard & Riot allow it. If the experience in Berlin cannot take place, it will be replaced by a digital experience.

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