Fiber: Orange breaks prices before the sales


Looking for a new Internet subscription with Fiber? These three Orange offers just before the sales period might interest you! You will find Orange Fiber and TV in each of them at a reduced price for 12 months. In these offers, all the discounts offered by the operator are included. They are mainly intended for new customers who benefit from a discount of € 9 / month.

Three options therefore, at different prices but still with a 12-month commitment required to benefit from them.

The first two offers are Web Exclusive Prices, while the Open Fiber Pack is a limited series that will only be available until February 02 of this year!

The Fiber Livebox offer at € 22.99 per month

Orange offers you Fiber up to 400 Mbits / s down and up with the Fiber connection included as well as Orange TV and its 140 TV channels included and finally unlimited calls to landlines. Here you will have access to the Livebox 5 and its compact design in 100% recycled plastic. An Ultra HD 4K Decoder is available on request for an additional € 40 activation fee.

Livebox Up Fiber offer at € 30.99 per month

With this offer, Fiber is even more powerful, moving to a start of 2Gbits / s shared downstream (1Gbits per device) and 600 Mbits / s upstream. In addition to the previous offer, you will have a WiFi 6 Repeater for extended coverage throughout your home. Count 10 € more for activation. A second decoder or a TV key is also available on request for an additional € 10. You can also have 100 hours of your programs recorded with the Multi-screen TV Recorder on demand. Finally, unlimited calls are now to Landlines and mobiles in mainland France, Europe, DOM, USA and Canada. You will also have the option of activating the Connected Home Service free of charge to manage your compatible devices.

Open 70GB Fiber Limited Series at € 29.99 per month

Here we have access to the Livebox Fiber offer (so 400 Mbits up and down) with in addition a mobile plan. It contains unlimited calls as well as SMS / MMS in France and from the Europe DOM, Switzerland / Andorra zones to these zones and France. 70 GB of mobile internet is also included, and can be used in the same areas.

Note that in all cases, construction costs for connection may be added to the price if the travel of a technician is necessary.

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