One of the best mice for telecommuting on sale


During this period of sales, the merchant site breaks the prices on many office mice. This model with very good quality / price ratio is no exception taking a reduction of -33%.

The MX Master is full of options. Working wirelessly, it allows you to switch between three different devices at the touch of a button. Handy if you work on several different devices at home, or love it so much that you want to use it for both work and play.

Her very fast scroll wheel fact that it is really suitable for office automation, where one must above all scroll through long documents. Very interesting thing and that we do not always find: a small wheel is housed just next to the thumb to allow a horizontal scroll. One software comes with the mouse to allow you to make the most of the possibilities of this device.

Its size is certainly massive but on the other hand, it allows it to be comfortable and ergonomic.

His high precision sensor makes it workable on many surfaces, even glass, much like the MX Anywhere from the same manufacturer. This mouse simply gives off a better impression of solidity and robustness, evidenced by its grip located at the thumb thumb. So, it won’t have escaped your notice, this mouse is made for right-handed people and is not ambidextrous.

One of the best mice for telecommuting on sale

When it comes to power, you can rest easy, your mouse recharges in just four minutes for a whole day’s work. Count 40 days of total autonomy. A small light next to the thumb gives you a visual cue that tells you when to charge your mouse. Convenient to maximize the life of your battery!

A very nice offer from Amazon that will allow you to replace your everyday device at a lower cost. In any case, these winter sales offer many products to help us telework in complete comfort!

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