Resident Evil fans develop highly anticipated 2024 remake


Released in 2002, this title was such an event that no one forgot the truly mind-blowing graphics of this version. During the following years, Capcom continued this remake policy and we were recently able to enjoy the excellent Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. However, of all the episodes of the saga, there is one that is missing and that is particularly loved by the gaming community: Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Considered by some to be the best episode yet, Code Veronica was the first Resident Evil, at the time, to break free from fixed camera angles. Entirely in real time 3D and endowed with a sumptuous realization – in particular the faces and light effects – he also has for him outstanding characters (Steve being the video game counterpart of Leonardo DiCaprio, essential actor after the Titanic phenomenon) and a scenario panting gravitating around the Ashford mansion.

Resident Evil fans develop highly anticipated 2024 remakeResident Evil fans develop highly anticipated 2024 remakeResident Evil fans develop highly anticipated 2024 remake

And yet, to this day, Capcom still hasn’t met the expectation of fans keen to experience a fully remastered version of Code Veronica. Therefore, amateur developers have taken the lead and are preparing, since 2019, a remake of this famous Dreamcast episode (subsequently ported to other media). Split into three 4-hour chapters, this remake is on track. Interested parties have just announced the addition of the dodge that appeared in the Resident Evil 3 remake, but also an optimization of the animations and zombies more realistic than ever. They took this opportunity to unveil the trailer of their efforts and the result is frankly high.

For the curious, a demo is already available in the following links.

In addition, the same group is also working on a remake of the first Resident Evil and aims for a release in 2024. Remains an unknown. If Capcom, the licensee, decides to put an end to it, the developers will be obliged to stop all the projects. Suffice to say that if the publisher is officially working on a remake of Code Veronica, the matter could get complicated. Otherwise, the project could come to an end. Indeed, it is worth remembering that fans, working on a remake of Resident Evil 2, found themselves in this situation in 2018. They had a well-advanced remake project, but Capcom was developing an official remake of the second. episode and they sent a missive to the young developers to ask them to stop their work.

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