iPhone 12 Mini for Christmas at a knockdown price, it’s possible

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While the standard seems to have finally stabilized on screens between 6.4 and 6.7 inches after years and years of expansion, there remains a sizeable share of people who find our current smartphones too big, too. big, too heavy, in short too bulky. This is where the idea for the iPhone Mini was born, a smartphone as powerful as the big ones but in a compact 5.4-inch format, the ideal size, according to Apple, to be able to do absolutely everything at one single hand.

Released only a year ago at € 859, the iPhone 12 Mini 128 GB is now available at Amazon for less than € 675.

Buying a smartphone today that is one year old is the assurance of paying the best possible quality / price ratio for a product. This saves you from paying a high price for a high-performance device that will continue to be for the next two to four years depending on your use and your expectations. It is also the assurance of having a reliable, up-to-date laptop that will never fail you.

Over-equipped on release with its A14 Bionic chip coupled with 4 GB of RAM, his incredible 5.4 inch Oled Super Retina XDR display or its double photo module with wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle, the iPhone 12 Mini is already looking to the future since it is also 5G compatible. Its performance, incredible at the end of 2024, is still relevant today and it rivals most smartphones released this year.

Among the things that could slow you down, we will remember its autonomy a little bit of a day only, the rather slow charge, the absence of charger and a refresh rate of only 60 Hz. But its format both cute and so everyday practice handily compensate for these small minor faults.

The iPhone 12 Mini at a glance :

Released only a year ago at € 859 and still sold for around € 750, the iPhone 12 Mini 128 GB is now available at Amazon for less than € 675.

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