Sale: The famous Samsung Q-SERIES soundbar at an ultra low price


The trend is towards the soundbar in 4K televisions. This rather discreet accessory allows you to have a setup almost as good as at the cinema directly at home. It drastically improves the sound capacity of your screen and allows you to be immersed in your next gen movies and video games.

If you just want to improve the sound of your screen and especially your QLED screen (thanks to the interconnectivity between the brand’s products), the Samsung Q-SERIES HWQ900A soundbar will prove to be an excellent choice. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X certified, this bar will bring the cinema home.

This small bar and its subwoofer allow incredible 7-channel sound spatialization which will be transcribed during your entertainment and more useful if you use your PS5 because it has a particularly formidable automatic gaming mode, which will make you feel every sum action if you were there.

Provided with its function SpaceFit Sound+ and adaptive Sound (boosted with voice amplifier), you’ll get sound that’s perfect for your interior and scene-based sound optimization, handy when the voices of your favorite characters are relatively quiet, no matter how loud your room is.

Regarding its connectivity, it has two outputs and one input HDMI eARC as well as an optical digital audio input. All on board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, but also ofAirPlay 2 if you own Apple products.

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