Sales 2024: Goodbye migraines and hello performance with these revolutionary glasses!


When it comes to eyes, we are not all equal, so some will need frames prescribed by an optician, while others will be lucky enough not to need them. Well, that’s not entirely true. For several years, eyeglasses with blue light filters have been promoted, particularly useful if you play a lot or if you often work on screens, since this light can become harmful to your health.

Like the gaming-oriented frame and whose lenses were mostly yellow, the Horus X Casual glasses are much more discreet and look more like real glasses. Thanks to their simple and unisex design, you can perfectly use them in the office or at home during your entertainment sessions.

This ultra light frame has nothing to envy to a real pair of glasses. It was made with polycarbonate to be ultra light and comfortable. Its lenses are treated against reflections and scratches in addition to having anti-blue light and anti-UV technology, which will provide complete protection for your eyes.

Supplied with a lightweight Neoprene case and microfiber cloth, you’ll have everything you need to provide your eyes with maximum protection. Note that blue light can cause headaches, difficulty falling asleep or make your eyes dry. By wearing these glasses with filtering power regularly, you will be able to find a natural sleep rhythm.

In short, with this particularly light pair, your eyes will have nothing to fear and you will benefit from better concentration during your work or gaming sessions. The Horus X Casual pair of glasses is available at Amazon for just €29 during the sales.

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