Sales: Amazon drops the price of its Echo Show 5 connected speaker!


Direct descendant of bluetooth speakers then connected speakers with intelligent assistant such as HomePods or Google Nest, you have “Smart displays” or connected screens. The operation is basically the same as on its little brothers without screens, except that here you can not only control your device by voice but also enjoy information displayed on the screen.

The possibilities of this smart object are numerous. And in addition to controlling your connected home, it will allow you to listen to music, view your photo albums, follow a recipe and even make video calls with your loved ones. In short, a terribly versatile gadget that will have its place in different rooms of your home..

This connected screen will find its place, both on your bedside table and in your kitchen where it will help you cook good meals. This accessory can offer you a myriad of information such as the time, the weather forecast, a summary of your day and your appointments by video.

Thanks to confinement, moreover, video calls have been popularized quite a bit and the Echo Show has a 2 Mpx camera that is more than sufficient to make your video calls or to monitor your children or pets. For those who wish to protect their privacy, Amazon has also integrated into its connected screen a manual deactivation button for the camera and microphone., as well as the possibility to delete your voice recordings.

The Echo Show 5 also offers to help you develop your skills by reading recipes or podcasts. More generally, you can listen to and even watch your favorite entertainment on its 5-inch screen, sinceit is possible to access streaming music services like Audible, Spotify, Amazon Music but also video with Prime Video, Netflix or your television channels.

For sales, the 2nd generation Echo Show 5 goes to € 49 instead of its starting € 84 on Amazon.

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