Sales: Amazon Fire TVs to watch Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + at smashed prices!


Fire Stick TVs are one of Amazon’s best-selling products and their popularity is regaining new momentum at the start of the winter sales, with very tempting promotions.

With its small size as a highlight, you will be able to easily take your Fire Stick and access your favorite apps wherever you are even on old unconnected TVs or on vacation. With one click, you will be able to project your content on any screen. All you need is a Wifi connection and an HDMI socket on your TV: you can transform any old TV into a connected TV linked to your Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Twitch account …

Installing and configuring these top-of-the-line devices couldn’t be easier – just connect the Fire Stick to one of your TV’s HDMI ports and in minutes, you’ll be able to access all your apps. entertainment such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO or YouTube, right from your TV.

Several full versions of the Fire TV are available on Amazon, at varying prices depending on your needs:

With a Fire Stick, streaming is simple and intuitive. Your favorite apps – Prime Video, Netflix and Disney + YouTube, Twitch – will quickly be at your fingertips via the “Home” menu.

In addition to the rapid initialization of applications, these Amazon products could not do without the virtual assistant Alexa, with which you can interact via voice commands. Use your voice or the appropriate buttons to launch the movie or series of your choice in Full HD and in record time.

You can even go beyond streaming by requesting the results of sports matches or playing music. With its convenient and efficient TV controls, you’ll enjoy the full power of the Fire Stick and deliver a streamlined experience.

In the case of products sold and shipped by Amazon itself, Prime customers will have a delivery time of one day and three days for other users, with free delivery costs in both cases.

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