Sales: PS5-compatible 1TB NVMe SSD has seen its price destroyed by promotions


There is nothing worse than waiting for long periods of time to reach your PC desk. With the performance of current machines, the purchase of an SSD becomes obvious. In addition to making navigation between files and the various programs more fluid, SDD considerably speeds up loading in video games. It is therefore no coincidence that the new generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are built around this type of hard drive. It even goes further since the philosophy of these machines and certain games is based on this technology. This is particularly the case with Ratchet & Clank on PS5 or the Quick Resume at Xbox. And once you’ve tasted it, it’s impossible to do without!

To take advantage of this hard drive model, you must of course have an M.2 port inherent in this type of SSD. Therefore, before cracking, check that your motherboard has this famous connection. If you have a recent laptop or desktop PC, chances are you are. And this is also the case of the PS5 which is compatible with this NVMe SSD in PCIe 4.

Thanks to this NVMe SSD from PNY, you can increase the memory of your PC or your PS5 by around 1TB, or 1000 GB. This is not nothing because programs and games are taking up more and more space and It is not uncommon to find yourself running out of space. Technically, this hard drive does the job as they say. With a speed of 5600MB / s, your data will flow quickly.

Normally available at a price of 174 euros, the NVMe 1TB SSD is currently on sale for 165 euros at Rue du Commerce.

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