Sales: An excellent Samsung soundbar for your 4K TV is available at a low price!


It’s a small reduction, but on a very good product that is currently displayed at Son-Vidé! The Samsung HW-Q60T soundbar is thus at 290 €. If on the merchant site its previous price was €299, we find an initial price of €399 announced at Samsung. In any case, for this price, you will have an excellent sound reproduction with this product. that will go perfectly with your 4K UHD TV.

Indeed, this product will complete the sound setup of your 4K HDR TV. Moreover, until February 8, Samsung will reimburse you up to 500 or even 1000 € on the simultaneous purchase of a selection of TVs from this sound bar. The exact conditions are available at this link.

This soundbar is a 5.1-channel model and is accompanied by a wireless subwoofer that benefits from Samsung Acoustic Beam and DTS virtual:X technologies to reproduce the spatialized surround sound of film and series soundtracks. It has an HDMI input and an ADMI ARC output, which are, as we have already said, UHD 4K compatible, but also HDR10+. A USB port is also available as well as an optical digital audio input. And to finish on the connection, Bluetooth is also present, allowing you to transform this sound bar into a speaker!

9 loudspeakers are integrated to create a beautiful sound environment. Those located on the upper face of the bar allow the surround effects to be diffused from the top of the sound bar towards the ceiling. The latter then reflects the sounds towards the spectators, producing surround sound for even more immersion.

The soundbar is compatible with the Samsung Q Symphony technology used on many of the brand’s QLED televisions, in order to optimize the connection between the TV and the soundbar. Finally, you can directly connect your console to this HW-Q60T which will take care of the connection with the television for lossless 4K.

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