Sales: Enjoy the best of home automation with Philips Hue connected bulbs!


With these three connected bulbs, creating and changing an atmosphere in your apartment has never been easier! With Amazon’s offers during these winter sales, you can equip your whole house with home automation and control it all directly from your smartphone from Android and iOS. This pack of 3 Philips Hue is at €145.60 instead of €159.98 before the sales. If the reduction is not extraordinary, these products are more than enough interesting to deserve that we stop there.

These “Smart bulbs” have an E27 fixing base and are suitable for most luminaires and will allow you to bring connected lighting anywhere in your home. Changes are instantaneous with millions of shades of white and colored light. All at the push of a button on your smartphone. Another advantage of this type of product is the possibility of synchronizing them with movies, music and video games for greater immersion.

If you already have connected speakers and/or the Hue Bridge, you can easily control them by voice. The Hue app will then allow you to create routines, timers, lighting scenes and much more. In short, the possibilities are really great once the ecosystem is in place, knowing that a single bridge (not included in this product) can control up to 50 lamps.

Without the Bridge, we still have plenty to do, since the application alone allows you to control up to 10 bulbs via Bluetooth, to vary the light intensity, to modify the light to create warmer atmospheres or colder and to have access to all the colors available. Finally, be careful if you have the Apple HomeKit, it will not work without the Bridge. No problem, however, with the Alexa and Google assistants, which work perfectly with the Bluetooth application.

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