Sales: The HTC Vive VR headset down sharply! Virtual reality at -35%!


Long a niche market, virtual reality has probably found its stride. According to analysts, it could weigh up to 6.5 billion dollars over the past year (the figures are not yet established, but it represents 5.7 billion euros) and these same observers anticipate extremely rapid growth for 2024 thanks to the arrival of the metaverse and NFTs. Suffice to say that a lot of ground has been covered since the purchase of Oculus by Facebook in 2014.

Anyone who has experienced virtual reality, including non-connoisseurs of video games, has been struck by the immersion provided by these headsets. In a few seconds, we find ourselves climbing Everest, in the heart of a cartoon or even visiting the Louvres museum. VR makes the impossible possible and it is an experience that remains rewarding, whether you are a fan of the practice or a complete novice. Some parents, although refractory to video games, have been seduced by this universe.

For a long time, virtual reality was a rather expensive and above all impractical product. Although it is very effective on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Sony’s PS VR is one hell of a gas machine with its long cable, its additional box and its installation far from being very practical. Also, many are waiting with curiosity and impatience for the future model, planned for the PS5, which should be more practical.

On PC, the headsets are much more intuitive and they also perform better. On the HTC Vive Cosmos, the rendering is impeccable, the resolution reaches 1440 x 1700 pixels (2880 x 1700 combined) and eye tracking is provided by 6 tracking cameras. With its 110° field of vision, the user evolves in a 360° space and benefits from technical capacities allowing him to access all the best titles of the moment.

With the HTC Vive Cosmos, you will enjoy unique experiences, both on games like Half-Life: Alyx, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, Star Wars: Squadrons or even Microsoft Flight Simulator But if you are more of a historical narrative , needless to say that you will remain speechless reliving the sinking of the Titanic or the moon landing of Apollo 11.

Normally available at a price of 749 euros, the HTC Vive Cosmos is currently on sale at 487 euros at Boulanger.

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