PS5: the console is back in stock for 2024 just before the sales!


The PlayStation 5 is finally back in stock, but for a few moments. Indeed, the Sony console is a victim of its success, and we can say that it is particularly difficult to be able to get hold of it.

Between the COVID-19 crisis, the shortage of components and the craze for the console, it is rare to see it available and it is even less possible to see it on the shelves. But today, the situation has changed and it is possible to get your hands on it!

Update 01/11/2024 at 8:10 a.m. : the PS5 is available at Carrefour

The PlayStation 5 is at the heart of the desires of many people, both fans and newcomers who want to experience the Sony video game experience. It is true that with this 5th iteration of the console, we can say that Sony is able to offer a complete experience and above all open to all those who want to participate.

But, it is already necessary to succeed in getting hold of a copy, and there, the shoe pinches. Indeed, with the delays in production and the enthusiasm of all those who wish to get their hands on it, it has become particularly difficult to obtain it at a normal price.

However, it is always possible to be able to prepare for restocking, or restocking, which allows to be able to get the console at its normal price.

For this, it is necessary that you are ready: patience, responsiveness and preparation will be your mantras to succeed in achieving your goal. First of all, we recommend that you open an account on the sites listed below. Indeed, we have seen that most restocking takes place at these vendors.

Of course, in addition to opening an account, it is also interesting to already add your payment method. Why ? Because when you have successfully put the console in your cart and still need to create an account and payment method, you waste precious seconds. And it is often the latter that make the difference between a console installed in your living room and a console that disappears from your basket.

But, why is the Sony console so coveted? One simple thing: it is the very first console from the Japanese firm to offer 4K resolution, fluidity of nearly 120 fps and technologies such as Ray-Tracing which are a real invitation to immersion.

And the Sony console is also coming back to PlayStation exclusives! Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo, and more!

In addition to that, we can also count on the all new generation of controllers that replace the dualshock, the DualSense. The latter offer a whole range of sensations of grip, vibration and a renewed grip for completely new sensations.

Shoot a submachine gun, drive a vehicle in the mud or even draw a bow and the joystick will not make you feel these actions the same way!

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