Street Fighter 6: Capcom celebrates 35 years of the saga, the new opus soon to be announced?


Historic video game license, Street Fighter will celebrate its thirty-fifth birthday this year. A longevity that is only found in large franchises, such as Mario or Zelda. And often, it is also an opportunity for them to reveal their future projects. It is Capcom, the Japanese development studio behind the saga, which also recalled the anniversary of Street Fighter. If the American and European pages have simply tweeted around the 35th candle to blow out in 2024, it is the Japanese Street Fighter page which has been more talkative than its sisters:

Street Fighter will be celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2024. We have created a special logo with our fans. Be excited about the future development of the Street Fighter series.

Of course, all eyes are on Street Fighter VI, which has yet to be officially announced by Capcom. Luke, the last character to join the cast of Street Fighter V fighters, was nevertheless accompanied by ellipses when he arrived on November 29, 2024. At the end of Luke’s presentation video, the preferred format for detailing the characters, Capcom then announced that it was “a goodbye“and that new information on the next installment of the license would be communicated in 2024.

Street Fighter VI, if it is called that, therefore remains a mystery for the moment. However, the announcement of this sixth opus might not be the only one. As mentioned above, Street Fighter is undoubtedly part of the history books today: Street Fighter II – The World Champion popularized the license and is one of the games to have given its golden letters to the arcade . The saga has many opuses and like Nintendo at the end of 2024, Capcom could also announce a compilation of revisited titles (like Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection).

In any case, Street Fighter V should soon give way to the sequel. The title was released in 2016 and received a mixed reception, which the Championship Edition struggled to erase. The thirty-fifth anniversary of the license seems, however, to be the perfect time to relaunch one of the iconic series of the Versus Fighting, all the more so to compete the release of King of Fighters 15. The fifteenth numbered installment in the SNK saga is expected on February 14 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

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