The best mobile plan is on sale for a few more days


Competition is increasingly fierce between the various operators, whether it is between the official suppliers such as Orange, Bouygues, SFR or Free or the famous MVNOs which landed a few years ago but which are more and more aggressive. . Among them are NRJ Mobile, Cdiscount Mobile, La Poste Mobile and Prixtel, one of the most popular operators according to a recent survey.

However, in the midst of this mess, there remains an operator who remains above all the others for the quality of its network, and it is Orange operator.

Same observation with the Low Cost subsidiaries of operators, B & You, Red or Sosh, if the quality is undeniably on the side of Sosh, the prices are often much higher than in the competition.

But that was before. Because during the holidays, Sosh offers 3 limited series packages from € 9.99 to € 14.99 per month, all without commitment and above all without a price which increases after a year, something new for the incumbent operator.

The first package offered, the one at € 9.99 per month, has a small envelope of 20 GB of data from France plus 10 GB from Europe.

The second package, at € 13.99 per month, take him on board 60 GB of data in France and 12 GB from Europe.

Finally, the latest limited edition package, the biggest, at € 14.99, offer you 80 GB of plan from France and 10 GB from Europe.

Obviously all these packages include unlimited calls, sms and mms in France, in the overseas departments and in the Euro zone.

These offers end on December 20, so don’t delay too long if you’re interested. Then there will be the operator’s classic offers, namely the 100 MB offer at € 4.99 or the 70 GB offer at € 24.99 per month.

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