The best offers before the start of the winter sales 2024


Even if there are now promotional periods such as Black Friday or French Days, there are only 2 events regulated by law in France: the summer sales and the winter sales. We are therefore entering one of the safest times of the year to do good business!

Amazon, Fnac and Darty are on the go to get as many offers as possible, and we too to give you a summary of all that! This news updated live throughout the day is here to save you maximum research time and to ensure that you do not miss any major element of this big event.

Due to the global pandemic and a great shortage of electronic components that has plagued the tech industry for quite some time now, these winter sales are a bit special, especially when it comes to inventory. The best offers on Smart TVs, smartphones, gaming or audio headsets, sound bars or even derivative products generally take relatively little time. Thanks to the direct line, you will be informed as quickly as possible of the best promotions that our teams manage to spot!

PS5, Xbox Series X, the new consoles could also be present today! Yes, our job also consists of constantly monitoring the stocks of Sony and Microsoft consoles, which have been out for more than a year but are still in short supply. At the slightest supply, you will be informed right here up to the minute!

Our live and our articles only highlight the products in our editorial line and the tips that we consider to be the best. But it is perfectly possible that you want to see a little further! Here are some links that direct you to all the promotions of each of the major e-commerce sites participating in the winter sales!

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