The new PS5 DualSense Starlight Blue controller is available for pre-order


We who thought that Sony would remain inflexible in its battle against “illegal” shell manufacturers, the announcement of 3 new colors of DualSense controllers and especially 5 colors of shells for the PlayStation 5 took everyone back.

Yet we should have seen the signs launched by Sony with the release of the Midnight Black or Cosmic Red controllers, we just had to be patient. Thus, in 2024, it will be possible to customize your PS5 in 6 different ways and to associate it with controllers in the color of your choice. Perfect that we often play FIFA 4 and that we can each have their own controller of a different color.

So, after the “Classic White”, Midnight Black and Cosmic Red, please give thunderous applause for the Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple. Note that the latter, therefore violet, will initially be sold exclusively on the official PlayStation store.

If the white and black versions are available for € 69.99, the other 4 color models are available for € 74.99.

We will not come back here to the endless debate of “who has the best controller”, but it is clear that generation after generation, the three current manufacturers, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, each time produce excellent models for us.

The DualSense, which takes over from 4 generations of DualShock, is more an evolution than a real revolution. Because besides the haptic feedback and especially the incredible adaptive triggers, there has been no major aesthetic or design change. For example, we always find the two analog sticks aligned while its two competitors have shifted them and most props do too.

Studies show that we are more precise with slightly offset sticks, as is the case on Xbox Series X / S controllers or that of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Anyway, we are in an endless debate which will continue to fuel the war between fans of such and such a brand and it is very good that way.

Pre-order now the new PS5 DualSense Starlight Blue controller (and not Ice Blue as Amazon suggests) for € 74.99 with delivery scheduled from January 14, 2024.

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