This accessory at a mini price improves your Nintendo Switch or even your smartphone!


Between games, applications, photos and videos which are becoming heavier and heavier, the internal memory of our devices is often insufficient if we want to be able to make the most of it. With the democratization of 4K formats, for example, it is difficult to use your device without being afraid of running out of space at the right time.

Fortunately, smartphones and Nintendo Switch all share one thing in common, a MicroSD port. This will allow you to increase the storage space available on your device, with a card like the SanDisk Extreme MicroSDXC 400GB currently available on Amazon for only 50 €.

Always be careful when buying a memory card. There are many models and they are not necessarily the most efficient, or be unsuitable for certain uses.

Also, we are often tempted to buy cheaper accessories for our devices, but low price is rarely a guarantee of quality. Better to take certified cards available from major brands such as Sandisk, Kensington, or Samsung.

According to Nintendo, a MicroSD card is correct when it allows performance in the order of 100 MB / s for writing and at least 90 MB / s for reading. This allows you to not have to worry about downloading data and playing games which might be slowed down with a bad card. Moreover, Nintendo has joined forces with Sandisk to create official Switch expansion cards.

The SanDisk Extreme MicroSDXC A2 card offers just read up to 160MB / s and write up to 90MB / s, which is perfect for your Ultra HD games and videos. The card is sold with an SD adapter that will allow you to read it on a laptop for example.

If you need it, an option is available with a USB 3.0 adapter for 8 € more, or 58 €. Whatever happens, the card alone benefits from a superb reduction with its price of 50 €.

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