Winter sales 2024: Here are the best live offers


After the holiday season opens the period of reductions and promotions with the sales! If you didn’t know how to use your vouchers and gift cards, we’ll show you how. If you have kept them until now, you were right, because with them, you will be able to save a lot of money.

The sales started on Wednesday January 12 and will last until the beginning of February, the 8th to be precise. During this period, traders will compete in imagination to do better than their competitors.

And when we know who is participating, we can tell ourselves that the battle is going to be tough. Indeed, in the arena of mass distribution there are giants like Amazon, the Fnac-Darty group or even Cdiscount, Rue du Commerce, Boulanger or E.Leclerc.

In this area, all shots are (almost) allowed. Whether with a particularly exhaustive catalog or well-regarded promotions, the replies are violent and the blows terrible.

But this has an advantage: the consumer benefits! Indeed, with reductions, promotions, discounts and refund offers, there is always a way to make great savings on your shopping cart. In addition, if you have invested in e-gift cards available before the sales, you can combine them with current promotions. In short, a winning combo!

And we know that when you want to invest in high-tech equipment, the bill can quickly be salty. It is true that we can only strongly recommend that you invest in quality equipment, otherwise you may have to change it every year.

This means that gaming, hardware and high-tech are not an expense item to be taken lightly. And when you want, for example, to change your PC, the bill can quickly soar depending on the characteristics you are looking for.

Add to that the current situation and you end up with limited stocks and the risk of shortages. Which makes it quite logical to apply the “first come, first served” rule. And this is especially true with the latest generation consoles.

PS5, Xbox Series, we may have a chance to see the end of their nose again. Indeed, sales are a good time for restocking consoles. If you are still looking for yours, watch this Live, because we will put the future restocking of the consoles to come!

In short, these sales are particularly promising and we invite you to closely follow this Live which will highlight all the good deals of the moment!

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