Xiaomi’s super-large 75-inch 4K QLED TV is already on sale ahead of sales

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A major player in Tech, leader in the telephony market, recognized for the quality and the calibration of its OLED panels on smartphones and on the strength of its excellent PC Gamer Mi Curved 34 screen, Xiaomi thought of landing in the world of TV and all. sweep up in its path, as usual. And for once, all did not necessarily go as planned for the Chinese giant.

Despite a very aggressive pricing policy and full of promises on the part of Xiaomi, we can say that the Mi TV 4S (released in 55 inches with us but also available in 43 inches by import) had left us damn hungry … The image was just passable (no adjustment possible, a shame!), Insignificant HDR, display delay, too long afterglow time, in short, we were not far from industrial disaster, especially in the gaming part. All the more surprising when you look at the qualities of its PC screen for gaming, the Mi Curved 34, one of the most popular among gamers.

We were therefore impatient, in 2024, to see the second generation of televisions, and even if everything is not perfect, this time we are much more in the standards of what the brand offers us in normal times.

Released a few months ago at a price of € 1,799, Xiaomi’s very large Mi Q1 75-inch 4K TV is currently trading at € 1,299 at FNAC.

Without being totally bad, the Mi TV 4S was above all a huge disappointment, due to (too?) Great expectations on the part of journalists and consumers. It must be said that Xiaomi had teased us her new baby so well that we expected to have the holy grail for the price of a cup on Wish… It is on the HDR part and especially on the gaming part that we most disillusioned. But all this is ancient history, now it’s time for Mi TV Q1!

HDR compatibility level, here we have the right to HDR10, HDR10 + and especially Dolby Vision, the top currently. Sound side, no Dolby Atmos but Dolby Audio and DTS-HD, we will be satisfied. As for the panel, we know that two schools are competing in the high-end market, OLED and QLED. One is supported by LG, the other by Samsung and TCL. Here the choice of Xiaomi fell on a 4K QLED panel with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. And since it has an entrance HDMI 2.1 (in addition to 2 HDMI 2.0), you will be able to push your PS5 or XBOX Series up to 4K / 120 fps.

Interesting thing to take into account, a very particular effort has been made on the sound since the Mi TV Q1 integrates two 15W speakers for a total power of 30W, which is much higher than the average and this can save you ‘have to add a sound bar.

Regarding the interface, Xiaomi has chosen Android TV 10 (version 11 should also be released soon), which allows it to have a huge catalog of very easy to access applications. Finally, remember, this Mi TV Q1 has a diagonal of 75 inches, or 190 cm, so it’s a very large TV. Double check your size before letting yourself be seduced.

Released a few months ago at a price of € 1,799, Xiaomi’s very large Mi Q1 75-inch 4K TV is currently trading at € 1,299 at FNAC.

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