Astro Gaming A50 5-Star Wireless Gaming Headset Is On Post-Christmas Sale

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The reputation of Astro gaming headsets is well established, it is quite simply synonymous with excellence and perfection. Wired models A10 and A40 or wireless like the A20 and A50, the brand enjoys a very strong sympathy on the part of the players and an unfailing reputation.

Falling into the Logitech squadron since 2017 and a buyout at $ 85 million, the Astro brand has enabled the Swiss brand to seek new levers from the most demanding players.

Available for a few years now, the A50 Gamin and its famous docking station are in their 4th generation and now display compatibility with Next Gen consoles such as the PS5 or the Xbox Series depending on the model chosen.

Generally available at a price of 319.99 €, the Astro A50 Gaming headset is currently on sale at Amazon for the modest sum of 279.99 €.

Among the many strengths of the Astro Gaming A50 headset, we will retain its comfort, despite its 380 grams on the scale, it knows how to be forgotten. Moreover it is all the general ergonomics of the helmet which is to be emphasized and which is remarkable. We feel that nothing has been left to chance, and even if it is the minimum that we are entitled to expect on a product over 300 euros base, it does everything here to perfection.

The 7.1 rendering is convincing in both games and movies, as is its Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos compatibility. The quality of the microphone is infallible, it is compatible with both a PC and a console by connecting its base via a USB port and you can even buy additional bases if you do not want to have to move them. Its only flaw, and again, could be on the side of autonomy, “only” 15 hours, when a model like the Artcis 7+ from SteelSeries offers up to 30 hours of autonomy. But who really plays more than 15 hours in a row without taking a break?

The Astro Gaming A50 headset technical sheet in brief :

Compatibility PC, Mac, and PS4 or Xbox One
Transducers 2×40 mm
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20kHz-
Impedance NC
Sensitivity 118 dB Spl Max
Microphone type Unidirectional dynamics
Microphone noise attenuation Software
Illuminated areas No
Render 7.1 7.1 software
Weight 380 g without cable
Connections available Proprietary wireless via supplied station
The opinion of

Rating: 5/5

Astro Gaming signs there a slight evolution of its A50, with some welcome revisions, but especially the conservation of all the achievements of the previous models. Its price is certainly high, but for the services it offers, there is nothing to complain about, both in terms of the ears and the reproduction of the voice. A small masterpiece, which we have a lot of pleasure to use on a daily basis.

Astro Gaming A50 (4th Gen) review: Minimal changes for an excellent headset

Normally sold € 319.99, the Astro Gaming A50 wireless headphones are currently on sale at Amazon for € 279.99.

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