Elden Ring is coming: it’s time to pre-order Dark Souls’ latest Dads game

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There’s a pretty crazy thing going on with Elden Ring. The game is so anticipated that preorders on most platforms are out of stock. On Amazon for example, you will only find PS5 versions !

In terms of prices, it’s the same everywhere: € 64.99 for next gen editions (PS5 and Xbox Series) and € 54.99 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We note anyway a PC version at € 52.59 instead of € 54.99 at E. Leclerc ! There is no small profit as they say.

That being said, know that you can save money by going to the Fnac website. Fnac is the dealer from which it is almost always the most profitable to pre-order its games. We’re telling you that without any sponsorship, it’s just true.

So why ? For one good reason: the Fnac + card. This little wonder costs € 9.99 per year for the first year, then € 14.90 / year and is non-binding. For this price, in addition to 1 working day deliveries or exclusive promotions, you are especially entitled to a 10 € discount on just about all video game pre-orders.

The PS5 and Xbox Series versions at € 64.99 therefore increase to € 54.99. The PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions displayed at € 59.99 take a mental step forward and arrive at € 49.99. Not bad is not it ?

If you don’t plan to get the Fnac + card, we also drop you a Cultura link which seems to have stock on all versions of the game. At least, that was the case when this article was written.

Elden Ring is coming: it's time to pre-order Dark Souls' latest Dads game

In the title of From Software, you will take control of a dull, neither dead nor alive race, exiled for a very long time from the Underworld realm. Your mission: find the Elden Ring (the “circle of Elden” in French), become the lord of Entre-Terre and bring peace there. The precious artifact has been shattered into several pieces, weakening the World Tree – which we see several times in the trailer – as the descendants of Queen Marika the Eternal claim its shards. All of this has given rise to a power struggle which must be brought to an end. Moreover, unlike Sekiro, you can create your own character. And the icing on the cake: it is George RR Martin (creator of Game of Thrones) who takes care of the lore and the universe.

Gameplay level, there is a big change compared to Souls: Elden Ring is an open world game. Of course, the rather hard-core boss fights will be there, but the developers still wanted to bring a little diversity thanks to new stealth mechanics.

Here is the impression on the game that one of our most famous journalists had last August:

The opinion of
Beyond its immense aesthetic qualities, it is therefore the mechanics and the obvious intelligence of the open world / traditional dungeons mix that have succeeded in seducing us at Elden Ring. The openness does not seem to alter the formula that made the success of Souls, of which you will obviously find all the elements and more. This new, more modern approach serves the ambitions of From Software, which seems to be on an excellent track to give birth to its most impressive, most complete, and most balanced title, which seems to have the shoulders broad enough to delight veterans without closing down. the door to newcomers. Excellent impressions that we can’t wait to confirm with the controller in hand on February 25.

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