Genshin Impact: Battle Pass version 2.4 crashed on PS5 and PS4

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For a few days now, update 2.4 of Genshin Impact is finally available. Since then, the revelations around the future characters have followed one another allowing us to get to know Shenhe, Yae Miko or Yun Jin better.

But, lately, the game of MiHoYo is often found pinned for some controversies: the most recent being alternative outfits to be in accordance with the restrictions applied by the Chinese government. After this episode around the censorship of the game, Genshin Impact has to face a new bad advertisement concerning the purchase of the Battle Pass.

As reported by FanByte reporter and editor Imran Khan, it appears players are in the inability to claim the Battle Pass rewards they purchased on PS4 or PS5 on other platforms, namely PC and mobile.

An exasperating situation for the players that the journalist qualifies, by the way, useless. For indeed, when a player purchases the Battle Pass on Sony’s platforms, the company is automatically compensated, regardless of where the rewards are subsequently claimed. An issue that does not affect versions Pc and gaming mobiles at present.

If some people mention a potential bug, it would seem that the decision, which we do not know if it comes from the developer or from Sony, is indeed desired after some research in the patch note of version 2.4. Throughout the update listing, there is a section dedicated to adjustments to Battle Pass content claims.

As the patch notes, the acquisition of the Battle Pass “Gnostic Hymn” and “Gnostic Chorus” on the PlayStation Network via the PS4 or the PS5 does not allow you to claim the rewards on PC and mobile, and vice versa.

Nevertheless, if you acquire the “Gnostic Hymn” on consoles and upgrade it to “Gnostic Chorus”, from your PC or mobile, you can claim the rewards on all media. Note that the reciprocal also works (acquisition on PC or mobile, improvement via PlayStation Network).

Genshin Impact: Battle Pass version 2.4 crashed on PS5 and PS4

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